Friday, 6 April 2012

Hi guys

Please try the new update tool, making life so much easier

  1. Simply download the program save or install "run"
  2. Follow the setup wizard to complete the installation
  3. Insert your TF or CF Card to the PC Usb drive (Find or remember the removable disc media drive location E, F, G etc) Format if necessary just ensure there is enough space on the compact TF or CF Card
  4. Double click the X431UPDATE icon on your pc desktop (Windows Vista or Windows 7 you might have to right click the icon and "Run as administrator")
  5. Input your Username and Password for your Launch X431 diagnostic product then login
  6. Select the TF or CF Card location drive (some PC's will not ask this if the computer recognise's the Card location automatically
  7. You will be redirected to your download centre for your X431 Product
  8. Ensure to select all display, data & car software version's available for the first time when using this new tool
  9. Then just Download

     >>>>>> NEW Easy Update Tool  <<<<<<<

The software screen will now change and display the software downloading straight to the TF or CF Card with 1-100% "installation success" on every selected item to download

After all has completed the downloads successfully the "EXIT" button (bottom right" will illuminate) Click and ALWAY REMEMBER to remove media safely

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